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CEO Rift Valley Ethiopia Tours, UK London

I am writing you this unsolicited letter to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did on our company website. Everyone at Black Pixel loves the look and functionality of the site. Your use of color and pictures as well as the structure of the pages and links are terrific.

We honestly feel that Rift Valley has the best website of any company of our size in the industry.

More important than the creative and technical talent is your approach to business in general. Even though you quoted us a reasonable flat rate for the design, I never felt like you were concerned with limiting time or content.

It always felt as though you cared about our happiness with the product as well as the process. Wherever something extra could be done to make it better, you did not hesitate. That is an exceedingly rare quality – please know that in this case it is not being overlooked.

Slieshie Hailu

CEO Rift Valley Ethiopia Tours, UK London

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