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Ethiopia Prepares First Personal Data Protection Law

Ethiopia’s first personal data protection bill has received the Council of Ministers’ approval for parliamentary ratification.

The bill was among the three draft proclamations tabled for discussion at the 25th regular session of the Council of Ministers on Friday. In a statement today, the PM Office says building a legal framework consistent with international personal data protection standards will have a multitude of benefits. The legislation, it says, would help promote a culture of safeguarding individuals’ privacy and personal data administration.

The personal data protection proclamation will also play a key role in building an effective digital economy, the PM Office says. The draft proclamation defines the duties and responsibilities of entities handling personal data and a procedure to enforce them.

The ministers, after in-depth discussions and adding their inputs, unanimously voted to refer the bill to the lower house of the Ethiopian parliament for ratification.

Ethiopia Prepares First Personal Data Protection Law

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