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Your website is the ‘first thing’ most people will ever see about you…

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Today, your potential clients search the internet to find the latest news, information, best deals and services. Having a professional website will make all the difference because your website is the ‘very first thing’ most of your clients will ever see about you.

Or is your website long passed its sell-by date? Perhaps it is time to bring your website up to date and take advantage of the latest technology so that your website adapts to display on all available devices.

Why would you choose us to develop your next web site?

Black Pixel Studio is a full service digital marketing, development and responsive web design agency based on Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our roots in the web design industry goes back to the early 2010 where we began creating attractive,web sites – particularly Tour and Travel Agency’s, Hotels Website Design and Development.

Today we are engaged in the successful production of device independent web projects in many diverse industries.

We will look closely at how best to convey the essence of your business, the most appropriate layout of the site, ease of navigation, usage of and balance between graphics and text and even the quality and style of language and expression used.

We use the latest design software and are meticulous in our crafting of a site in order to ensure its marketability to the most important and appropriate search engines. Thus your site can have the opportunity to enjoy a far greater audience than many other sites.

We are Open Source Professionals – We love Open Source!

We specialize in the design and development of quality search engine friendly CMS websites (Content Management System) crafted around the award winning Joomla! framework. That means we create websites that you can update and manage all by yourself without any technical experience. Our websites adapt to display on all devices from a huge flatscreen TV to a small smartphone. Wow!

Plus, all our sites are professionally optimized and marketed to rank high in the search engines – because regardless of how attractive your web site looks, if it can’t be found, you won’t be getting any visitors.

Helping you create remarkable websites

We’re here to help you build it. We believe in helping others design better products faster. There’s no better way to do that than through education and collaboration with our team and yours.

Not into reading all that text?

Here are some screens from works that have been through our hands recently. These should give you a quick visual idea of our style.

For more information call us @ +251 913 36 34 93 / 911 44 13 27 or drop us an email on

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